~ Puzzles ~

This was a series of puzzles that was run as a fan promotion for the relaunch of Uru Live on Gametap. The puzzles are all still there if you want to take a gander at them.

Based on the Marker Missions in Uru, teams got packets of puzzles that, when solved, gave coordinates to ‘markers’ in the hunt area. It’s been wildly popular at Mysterium since 2008, although I’ve gotten some downright nasty, disgruntled looks for making hard puzzles, Hee!

~ Events ~

Mysterium is the travelling annual gathering of fans of Myst, the D’ni universe & mythos, and Cyan Worlds. I’ve been heavily involved since 2008, and even with the crazy that comes with being In Charge of something, I love every minute. Mysterium 2012 is in Seattle!

~ Games ~

Wheerd House
A point & click adventure game I’m working on.

Space Smugglers of 3313!
Board game WIP… needs a good overhaul after the alpha testing.

Bar Flies
Card game WIP- notes, sketches, etc. Hoping to have it alpha testable soon.

Caliban’s Revenge
This was something I started pulling together for GameChef 2011- a week long rpg-game-creating contest. Unfortunately I missed the deadline, but here it is anyhow. Caliban’s Revenge PDF

~ Second Life ~

I am Eleri Ethaniel in SL, hanging out in our little corner of a mainland sim. I raise Ozimals Bunnies and Pufflings for fun :)
I’ve also got a few projects simmering, like Alice’s Garden, Hi-Jinx and Prof Tezhme’s Magical Mechanical Oddiments