I write stuff, so I suppose that makes me something of a writer. I make no claims to being a good writer, nor do I have a burning desire to become a published writer- just, sometimes, there are stories in my head that want out on paper. Editor minded people proceed at your own risk, because here there may be misspellings and odd punctuation and non-standard formatting.  😉

D’ni FanFic

A Fissure in the Heart ~ This was in the Mysterium 2014 Conbook
Echo’s Anger ~ A modified version of this will be in Unwritten
Jen in the Cavern
Speaking of Miss Echo McKenzie-her blog is still up, so several of her stories are there. A character I created in D’ni, telling stories about the D’ni. There’s meta fanfic for you!

Other Stuff

Exodus ~ I dunno where my brain was writing this scifi bit. It just happened.

Not Done Yet

Shoes on a Wire ~ Big Town reporter flees to the Small Town, and finds something…unexpected
Desert Snow ~ The start of something Snow White-esque